iHome Harley Davidson Headlight Stereo Speaker System with Alarm Clock

ihome harley
The iHome Harley Headlight Stereo Speaker System combines two icons of cool into one device. The Harley Davidson motorcycle is sort of the badass of cool while the iPod is the choirboy of cool. Yeah that might be the first time an iPod has been called a choirboy. A Google search proves somewhat inconclusive but I believe it’s the first.

So anywhichwaybutloose, this iPod docking alarm clock is modeled after the iconic headlights of a Harley Davidson. You can wake up the soothing sounds of your iPod or the blaring sounds of a Harley revving it’s engine. Some people probably enjoy waking up to the roaring sound of a motorcycle in the morning. I prefer chirping birds and water gently cascading down river stones as a windchime jingles in the background. But even a wuss like me can admit that the styling on this stereo system is cool as hell(‘s angels).

Here’s the full feature set:

o Cool Harley headlight design
o Wake and sleep to your iPhone/iPod or authentic Harley Davidson motorcycle sounds
o Full function remote control interfaces with iPhone/iPod and clock
o Built-in dock charges iPhone and docking iPod models
o Selectable Sleep timer with 90, 60, 30, or 15-minute countdown
o Adjustable Sleep volume allows you to select a comfortable “sleep” volume level without affecting the “wake to” or listening volume levels
o Battery backup maintains time/alarm settings during power failures
o Aux/MP3 line-in jack for auxilliary audio devices
o Alarm Reset turns off alarm while automatically resetting for same time the following day
o iPod alarm backup: if no audio is detected from iPod, a buzzer will sound
o Subwoofer for rich, deep bass
o Easy to adjust volume and time settings
o Daylight Savings Time switch easily adds or subtracts an hour
o Includes AC power adaptor