Excalibur Travel Mug with USB Charger Keeps Your Drinks Hot in the Office or on the Go

usb travel mug1
The Excalibur USB Travel Mug will keep your drinks nice and hot no matter where you are. This handsome insulated 16 ounce travel mug features a plug with a heating unit inside. There is both a USB and a 12V car adapter so whether you are at your desk or in your car, your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverage (mmm cider) will always be warm.
usb travel mug2
The mug has a rugged and insulating double-stainless-steel construction and a spill-proof lid to ensure your drink stays put whether you hit a bump on the road or get knocked into by a clumsy office intern. The bottom is made of non-skid rubber to keep the cup in place. The USB connector works with both Windows and Mac computers. You could even plug it into the wall if you had the right connector for the included USB plug. It’s actually a pretty decent deal if you drink coffee a lot on the go.