Review: MOKA m6 Portable Charger

We recently received a MOKA m6 Portable Charger for review. The first thing we noticed when taking the M6 out is how sleek and modern it looks. It’s in a glossy black casing and the entire device has a bit of a wave to it- definitely an upgrade from your typical brick shaped chargers. It looks great from the side. The m6 is a dual output charger housing a hefty 15,000 mAh battery.

What that means is that you can charge 2 of your devices at the same time! You can see the 2A USB port in the top photo and there’s also a 1A USB port on the opposite side. You press the power button on the side to begin charging. The blue indicator lights tell you how much juice is left in the m6 (1-4 blue bars).
moka in use
The huge 15,000 mAh capacity of the MOKA m6 means you can charge a lot- that’s about 10 full charges on an iPhone, 1.5 iPad charges, 3.5 iPad mini charges or 10-15 full charges on your Kindle (depending upon which Kindle you have). Of course you can charge any combination of devices too- at the same time. It can charge pretty much any USB device.
moka charger
The m6 weighs 0.64 pounds and measures 4.7 x 2.8 x 0.8″. It includes a protective bag, mini and micro USB adapters, and a charging cable. Note that it doesn’t include a wall plug- it charges via USB so you’ll either need your own wall adapter or a USB port on a computer to charge it. Not a dealbreaker by any means but it would have been nice to include one.

What we liked about the MOKA m6 was the huge capacity and dual charging ports in a relatively small package which make it great for emergencies and travel. The ability to charge 2 things at once is ideal for people who travel with multiple gadgets (everyone, right?) It’s attractive modern design means you can even leave it out on display on your desk if you want. Great portable charger.