Aero-Tray for Better Airplane Laptop Usage

aero tray
Using a laptop on an airplane can be an exercise in frustration with today’s tight seating quarters and small tray tables. The Aero-Tray is a patented z-form stand for your laptop or tablet that promises to make things better. Invented by Norman Korpi (from the original MTV Real World series in NY!!!), this is a well thought out versatile travel accessory. First off is the pull out drink holding tray which lets you use your computer and hold a beverage at a spill-safe level below the keyboard. Smart.
aero tray 3
The Z-shape lets you angle the tray just the right way so you can use your computer without crunching your screen on the seatback in front of you. Adjust it to a proper ergonomic angle to prevent eye and wrist strain. That little lip in the front lifts up so you can use a tablet, Kindle, or actual book without it sliding off.
aero tray 2
The tray has rubber feet to keep it in place as well as a pair of elastic straps in case your pilot tries to do a barrel roll or something. The whole tray folds up for easy portability and weighs just 1.5 pounds. It measures 14″W x 9 5/8″D x 1 1/4″H. You can use it on planes but also in places like coffee shops, waiting rooms, or your own home. Available at Travelsmith and Bed Bath and Beyond (most likely in the “beyond” section).