The Lid on this Water Bottle Does a Few Neat Tricks

sidewinder bottle
With the environmentalist backlash against the mountains of plastic water bottles we are throwing in the trash and the desire to still drink a healthy beverage like water, metallic water bottles are become quite popular. Liquid Hardware has taken the metal bottle and improved on the lid by adding one neat trick to the Sidewinder Bottle– magnetism. Each insulated bottle has a stainless steel collar and each lid has a powerful magnet to keep it tethered while you drink. But that’s not all… you can stick two together to make a double-sized water bottle.
magnetic cap bottle
Each Sidewinder holds 20 ounces and is double-walled, vacuum insulated to keep drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours or toasty warm for up to 8. The magnet on the lid lets you mount the bottle to most metal surfaces, so you don’t have to hold it or put it down. Put it on your car, locker, filing cabinet, metal plate in your head, whatever. But wait, there’s more:
sidewinder lid compass
Float the lid in some water and the magnet will point to north and function as a compass. I’ll drink to that.

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