iPhone Radio Dock with Hidden Safe Drawer

Play some music and secure your valuables closely at hand with the RadioVault from Cannon Security. This iPhone speaker dock has a alarm clock and an FM radio as well. Sit it inconspicuously in your home. But inside it’s hidden drawer, it safely secures your wallet, keys, money, jewelry or more. When the drawer is closed it looks like one of the speakers:

Hide your stuff in plain sight! The 9.5″ by 6.75″ by 1.75″ safe is opened via a biometric fingerprint scanner for added security. The steel reinforced door is spring loaded to pop open when your fingerprint is scanned. The scanner can actually be programmed to learn 120 different fingerprints (which I’d guess is about 118 more than most people will need). The dock charges your iPhone and can use it as one or both of the dual alarms, as well as display the date and time. An aux cable is included to play nicely with other MP3 devices.

One thought on “iPhone Radio Dock with Hidden Safe Drawer

  1. I cant lie this was a pretty good idea but only in terms of keeping your belongings safe around your family or company(except for the dope fiends that will cluck ur sh!t-makes for one lucky dope dealer) However this will not help you in case of a break-in since thieves love grabbing not only jewelry and money but electronics they can peddle. Now if you only would have created out of a mid-90’s CD/Cassette player this problem would not exist…….just my input but then again I live in Humboldt County CA where drug related burglaries are as common as payphones were in 1999.

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