Shocking Safe Offers Another Level of Protection

The Shock Safe might be the ultimate piggy bank. The safe is protected by a four digit code and has a giant LED on it that says “Shock Protected”. Let that serve as a warning to anyone trying to break in to the safe because if you enter the wrong code it will give you a jolt. Just don’t forget your own code or you’ll be the one shocked. Maybe someone can combine this with the Lego Safe and you’d have something pretty awesome.

$40 from Gobaz (UK) via redferret

2 thoughts on “Shocking Safe Offers Another Level of Protection

  1. This thing uses 3 x AA batteries. What would happen if the batteries were dead?

    Would entering an incorrect ‘code’ not create the shock?

    Of all the things, why would a ‘safe’ have it’s security dependent on batteries??

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