Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat: Even Rednecks Wouldn’t Sink This Low, Would They?

The Off Road Commode is a camouflage toilet seat that attaches to your Ford F150’s trailer hitch (yeah it attaches to any standard trailer hitch, but do you really see some soccer mom in a Toyota Highlander using this?). Ideal for rednecks with no standards, people with IBS, hunters, fishermen, people who eat a lot of beans, and the mentally insane. Per the manufacturer: “Not for use when vehicle is in motion.” Way to take all the fun out of it lawyers.

via nerdapproved

4 thoughts on “Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat: Even Rednecks Wouldn’t Sink This Low, Would They?

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  2. What I feel I must bring to your attention is perhaps silly, but this little commode serves multiple purposes if you use your imagination! I have seen many people get a good laugh about this nifty little contraption, but an avid golfer can sit on it to put on his golf shoes… while his buddies laugh and joke. A redneck can use it as a quick way to throw a suitcase on top the car. Suddenly, we have a toilet seat, a parking lot hang out, and a ladder all in one! How cool is that?!?

    A soccer mom in a Toyota Highlander probably does not have a husband who hunts (she’d be driving a bigger car for her protection… and I’m kidding), but if she is the kind of soccer mom that I know… she’d park that car in the very back and avoid any kind of public bathroom. HA!

  3. Or you can just do it like the truckers in the middle east and just cut a hole through your seat and floorboards and go while you’re driving down the highway! Just don’t be the guy’s mechanic…

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