Cool Cop Keeps Cops Cool, Perps Hot

Being a cop is a hot job- literally. Besides just packing heat, wearing that heavy dark uniform with a bulletproof vest underneath is literally a hot job. Your normal Crown Vic’s air conditioning unit is simply not powerful enough to cool off a hot copper. All that cold air is simply flowing right into the back of your car where the perp is. Coolcop looks to change all that.

Coolcop is basically a giant vacuum cleaner type hose that runs directly from the passenger side air conditioning vent in your Police car and goes right into your shirt. The hose attaches beneath your bulletproof vest to keep your shirt icy cold. It funnels the air from the perp to the cop. Let those perps sweat it out!

via book of joe

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  1. I for one would *never* use the words “Officer” and “Douchebag” in the same sentence. However…

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