Keep Cool this Summer with an Ice Suit

If you couldn’t tell from the picture, this New Ice Suit (was there an old one?) is another insane product of the Japanese. Craziest Gadgets loves Japan! Staying cool in the summer is never easy, especially when you’re forced by “the man” to wear a hot heavy monkey suit all day long and your boss keeps the air conditioning turned up to 85 degrees to save money in the recession. Sometimes you have to take your personal cooling needs into your own hands. Or in this case, into your suit’s hands- err pockets.

The Ice Suit is not much more than a suit with pockets near the armpits where you can insert previously frozen cooling gel packs. The gel packs will cool you down and reduce sweating and uncomfortableness (note: not a substitute for deodorant, hippie). I suppose you could insert those hot packs in there for the winter too. The New Ice Suit is available only in Japan for around $500, so you’ll just have to keep the sweat towels handy for now, Americans.

via crunchgear

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