Man Not Allowed to Board Flight Wearing a Transformers Shirt

Brad Jayakody (The Edge of Madness) is reporting that he was accosted by airport security for wearing the above Transformers shirt. Why? Because Megatron has a gun! On the shirt. He was forced to change shirts and threatened with arrest if he put back on the the offensive shirt.

Go through security, get pulled to the side……Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I’m not allowed to fly. WTF? It’s a 40 foot tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm……I said I’d get changed. So I stripped off at security and changed t-shirts, putting the “offensive” t-shirt in my bag……The supervisor comes over and is now a dick to me, telling me if I put the shirt on I’ll be arrested.

Crazy story! Clearly the lesson is, Optimus Prime shirt=patriot, Megatron shirt=terrorist.