New GE Air Conditioner is Smartphone Controlled

quirky ge aros
GE in a collaboration with Quirky has introduced a technologically advanced window air conditioning unit for today’s home that completely redefines the entire category. The game changing Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner PAROS-WH01 is not only simply controlled by your smartphone via WiFi, it’s also smart.
aros air conditioner
The first thing you’ll notice is the clean white design with temperature readout that you can see from across the room. It has touch sensitive LED lit controls on it’s face but why bother getting up when you can control it with your phone? Here’s what the app looks like:quirky aros ge app
Not only can you adjust from inside your house, you can control it from anywhere. Coming home early or late tonight? Not only can the Aros be set on a timer, it can also be set to turn on based on your phone’s GPS location so you always walk into a cool house. This quick video shows some features:

Similar to the Nest thermostat, the Aros AC uses the WINK app to learn from your patterns and automatically maintain the perfect temperature based on users’ habits, energy cost, location, the weather, and budget. If you have units in multiple rooms, the app lets them work together.
aros air conditioner
The Aros has retractable fabric wings to fit most windows, has three cooling modes and fan speeds, and puts out 8000 BTU from 115 volts. It has a washable anti-microbial filter and is designed to cool a room of 350 square feet. It’s simply the most advanced window air conditioning unit you can buy. Available for pre-order now, ships in May.