All Leather High-Backed Toilet with Laptop Tray

There’s a reason why those lovely ladies above are smiling- it’s because they are the first and only certified women owned, union affiliated, licensed plumbing contractor in the City of New York, running a plumbing business called Mac Felder. They’re also smiling because they have the most awesome looking toilet ever in their shop.

This changes everything you ever thought about toilet seats! Look at that high backed leather seat! Clear laptop tray- check! This is the executive version of the toilet seat, the captain’s seat. Why am I sitting on a dingy piece of plastic with no back support when I could be doing my business in comfort and style? Here’s another picture:

Why is the toilet seat industry denying us our comfort? Some people call their bowl “the throne” or “the office”. But you know what- no throne is made of cheap uncomfortable plastic and that’s is no office- even cubicles have chairs with back support and a place to put your computer. Why are we suffering? Where is my luxury leather toilet seat? (seriously, where? I couldn’t find this thing for sale anywhere) And integrated laptop trays should be standard too. The people have spoken.

If you’re in Manhattan, you can swing by Mac Felder’s shop on 11th Ave and 45th to see this awesome toilet bowl in the window.

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