Bizarre Wooden Safe

This is the weirdest safe I’ve ever seen. It looks like it’s a simple box with 13 drawers that slide open but it’s not. None of the drawers actually open. There’s a hole on the bottom where you insert your valuables. Then you rotate each drawer. Each drawer is open on the side where the arrow points, so when the arrows of two drawers line up, your items can move from one section to another (although you’ll probably have to shake and rotate the entire box to get them to move). It’s almost like a puzzle. Without being able to simply open each drawer, you’ll have to remember what you put in each one. Bizarre!

alex schlegel via make

2 thoughts on “Bizarre Wooden Safe

  1. i think that this is a waste of time if a house burns your contense would to so whats the point in that if it was me i would burn my stuff or leave it liying around anyway what do you think

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