Safe Made of Legos is Not as Easy to Break Into as You’d Think

Check out this awesome Lego safe! You would think that breaking into a Lego safe would just mean taking a few bricks off but this one is quite a bit more complex. The safe weighs 14 pounds for starters. It has a motion detecting alarm so it can’t be moved without alerting people in earshot. The lock require five double digit codes to open it, which results in over 305 billion different combinations. There’s an electronic status display showing the numbers as you turn the combination dials. When you get the combo right, the door electronically opens itself.

Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:

Wow, a very impressive piece of Lego crafting.

lego examples via hacked gadgets

15 thoughts on “Safe Made of Legos is Not as Easy to Break Into as You’d Think

  1. Now I know why my son doesn’t want to get rid of his,and he is 29.I’l pass this on to him and others,thanks

  2. Couldn’t you just, you know, pull the top off, rendering the whole complex locking mechanism irrelevant?

  3. Also there’s the fact that since it tells you when you have each of the five successive 2-digit codes correct you only need to try 20×5=100 different codes. I guess that can be added to the reasons it’s “just a toy”.

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