Mouse with Built In USB Fan

Anyone who uses their computer for long periods of time either at work, surfing the web (or surfing the web while at work-but you wouldn’t do that now would you?!), or hardcore gaming will eventually get sweaty palms. Not me of course, they call me Ice Hands Jeff. But normal mere mortal people will get hot and sweaty in the hand area.

Until now there was nothing you could do about it, except carry around a sweat towel over your shoulder like a fat rapper. With this new 3 button optical scroll mouse with built in fan, you can avoid embarrassing hand sweat. There is a 2 inch fan embedded right in the palm of the mouse to help cool you down. This is also a good treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis, which is the medical name for the sweaty palms condition (and would also make a great name for your baby: Palmar Hyperhidrosis Smith… go for it). So keep those hands cool this summer.

Buy it here: 3-Button USB Optical Scroll Mouse w/Fan (Blue)