Keyboard with Built in Fan Keeps Your Hands Cool

Sweaty hands on the keyboard, is there anything worse? Oil spills, famine, homelessness, wars in the Middle East, the recession, are all just minor annoyances compared to warm hands. In what one idiotic blogger is calling “the greatest invention since the personal computer”, comes the keyboard with a little fan attached. Sure it just looks like an afterthought that maybe some supplier had a ton of extra little fans and just tacked them on to a surplus keyboard but saving the world one sweaty hand at a time isn’t always pretty. Maybe it will increase productivity and get the economic engine going to get us out of this recession. All I know is that I’m a big fan of this little fan.

via crunchgear

3 thoughts on “Keyboard with Built in Fan Keeps Your Hands Cool

  1. People actually get hot hands on the keyboard? My hands are always like ice after a long session of gaming or writing. My partner calls it Gamer Fingers, and will sometimes flee if I try to snuggle before my hands warm up again.

    No fan for me, thanks.

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