Mouse Blisters make your Mouse more Grippy

Mouse Blisters are little stick on squares that are supposed to make your mouse more “grippy” and eliminate strain on the hands preventing carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and general hand fatigue. The Mouse Blisters are made up of the same rubber material and shape as bicycle or motorcycle hand grips, just cut into small flat squares (albeit the standard grips, not the more expensive “mushroom” grips you had on your Mongoose BMX bike with the rotor, double pegs, and mag wheels). You place them all over your mouse to provide the maximum grippiness and comfort.

As silly as these may look on a mouse and really that name is a bit unfortunate (how about “mouse grippers” or “gripsies” or “ergogrippers”? pay me later for those ideas Mouse Blisters Marketing Dept.), I think they might actually work. It will allow you to slightly alter the shape of the mouse to better fit your hand ergonomically and the raised surface of the blisters could serve to cool off your hands by allowing air inbetween your palm and the mouse. They cost $9 for a pack of 25 which should be sufficient unless you’re using some crazy gigantic mouse.

mouse blisters via gear diary

3 thoughts on “Mouse Blisters make your Mouse more Grippy

  1. best is to use the diy mouldable earplugs kit, foam that goes from mouldable to semi rigid, place over your mouse, press hand into desired position and wait a min, u then have a mouse that fits your hand perfectly, exess foam can be trimmed and the whole thing coated with rubber spray for extra durability.

    my secret tip so keep it safe :p

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