Moldable Mouse is for Pervs

Moldable Mouse
The Moldable Mouse is an award winning conceptual product from the ingenious minds of Lite On Technology. The mouse is designed out of a moldable clay covered with nylon and polyurethane blend fabric, so you can mold it into any shape you desire and it will retain it’s shape.

By taking on a shape that is tailor fitted to the hand of the user, it will help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome caused by other poorly designed “ergonomic” devices. The click buttons and touch-sensitive scroll pad of the mouse are stick-on parts with built-in RFID so they can be positioned wherever is most comfortable. Would make a great gadget for lefties or people who like to use their feet instead of hands to scroll (hmmm that’s actually a pretty good idea, the foot mouse).

If this thing ever gets produced, I’d recommend it be only for people 18 and over, otherwise you’re gonna get a lot of penis or boob shaped mice (wouldn’t that make it a “tit mouse”?). And does this thing come in Magnum size?

via TechPin