Thumb Sweatbands for Gamers

Now that gaming is possibly going to be an Olympic sport… or e-sport as they say, it’s time gamers had proper sporting gear just like every other athlete out there on the world stage. A gamers lifeblood is their thumbs. So you’ve got to keep those digits dry and safe because hardcore gaming can really make you work up a sweat. Enter Thumb Sweatbands.

With this set of tiny sweatbands (helpfully labelled as P1 and P2), your thumbs will no longer get sweaty and slip off your controller, so you can be the champ. Just imagine the competitive edge you’ll have over those non-sweatbanded gamers out there- victory is yours! You can also use them to wipe the sweat off your other fingers, in case you’re the sweaty ring finger type. Or just order 5 sets and wear one on each finger. You can never be too safe.