Round ‘Em Up Gadgeteers…It’s the Sunday Gadget Roundup

Greetings gadget lovers and gizmo likers. It’s Sunday, that means it’s time for your weekly roundup of all the coolest, stupidest, craziest, strangest, awesomest, shiniest, and newest gadgets that we didn’t get to this week. So pop open a cold one and let me take you to a little places we call gadgetville.

    New Era Pac-Man hats. This is some very retro 80’s fashion for a company called “New Era”. (Fashionably Geek)

    Silvertlit Kazoo Indoor Kite totally defeats the purpose of a kite by attaching a tiny electric fan to the bottom. (Oh Gizmo)

    Nothing says I’m a hard rocker don’t mess with me tough guy like a Bejeweled Guitar USB Flash Necklace. (Geek Alerts)

    RSS Icon Pillow tells the world, “Yes I’m a nerd, but I like to be comfortable too”. (Geeky Gadgets)

    Here’s a bridge you won’t find me crossing anytime soon- a world record 46-foot long self-supporting bridge made entirely of LEGO. (Gizmodo)

    Whomever designed the Golf Bag shaped CD holder should take a mulligan. Just plain fugly. (Nerd Approved)

    Tiny plastic mustaches for your soda bottles? I overhead Tom Selleck telling Keith Hernandez not to steal his endorsement opportunity on this one. (daily dairy)

    CableDrops keep your cables on top of your desk with little sticky-backed clips. Could you just use a piece of gum or tape instead? Yes. Will you? No. (coolest gadgets)

    A round universal remote with a spiky back for reflexology to improve your circulation? Hey I’ve got an idea to improve your circulation- get your behind off the couch and do something! (technabob)

    iMagnet is an iPod Shuffle control magnet for your fridge proving that even major appliances aren’t safe from the iPodization of the world. (Chip Chick)

    LaCie Datashare is a two part USB card reader, one half for SD cards, one half for micro-SD. The two halves come together in a Voltron-like style except they form a brick that doesn’t do anything instead of an awesome fighting robot. (uncrate)

    The Coin Bank stacks up all your coins in a vertically encased glass Plinko-style window. Cool stuff. (Dvice)