Weird Gadget Sweepstakes: Japanese Endless Package Opening Gizmo

winner #18:

The sweepstakes is back! Apologies for no giveaway last week but we were expecting a really cool gadget to arrive for the giveaway and it never did. We’ll have it here for next week, most likely. But who cares about next week, onto this week. We’re got a weird one for ya.

The giveaway this week is a Japanese Mugen toy called Peri Peri:

Mugen means “endless”. What this wacky thing does is you pull the tab and it has the feel and sound of opening up a box with a pull tab (like a Fedex or UPS envelope). It has a tiny speaker in the back that makes the sound. If you open it a few times in a row it makes weird ringing sounds. You can repeat it endlessly. It’s like a never ending stream of new packages (everyone loves getting packages in the mail, right?!)

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The rules:

  1. This sweepstakes will run now through Tuesday June 22, 2010 10pm Eastern time.
  2. One entry per person (yes we can tell if you enter more than once).
  3. We will choose one winner at random from one of the comments below.
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66 thoughts on “Weird Gadget Sweepstakes: Japanese Endless Package Opening Gizmo

  1. I’m an email subscriber. Who thinks up these things. Just what I need to drive my husband crazy(just kidding).

  2. Someone out there is actually expecting people to pay money for this!?! My 10 month old will enjoy it.

  3. I wonder if this could keep my cats entertained. I’m an email subscriber. Thanks!

  4. I am already subscribed. Just my kind of toy and it makes noise too, gotta love it.

  5. bros , i need this , i need to practice my package opening skills , championships are this month!

  6. I don’t know what the hell the purpose of this is, but it would make a great gag gift!

  7. This would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Bwahaha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Very, very peri peri! You just gotta love the Japanese to come up with this. But what’s next?…endless bubble wrap popper?

  9. RSS subscriber. i love opening those ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  10. My daughter loves speaking Japanese and would love this. She loves everything Japanese. I’m a subscriber, follow on twitter and tweeted too.

  11. Cute and clever Gadget/Gizmo! This would be fun for anyone – but an especially “thoughtul” gift for someone who is trying to quit smoking or any other habit that involves keeping your hands busy: like nail biting and constant nibbling…

    I am both an email and RSS feed subscriber.


  12. This has been an unbelievably bad week at my house. Seeing this brought a small smile to my face. We could use any smile we can get right now. I like it.

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