Canon DSLR Bank Totally Defeats the Purpose

Maybe I’m thinking about this one completely the wrong way (probably) but having a bank that looks like a Canon DSLR camera sort of defeats the purpose. I guess this could be a cool place to stash some coins if you’re a big photographer or whatnot. But having a bank sitting out in your house that looks like a very expensive piece of camera equipment is giving thieves and open invitation to come check out your good. Sure they’re not going to get the fancy camera they want but why tempt them?

Ok so maybe not everyone lives in their car in South Philly like me, maybe people live in ritzy places where you can leave fancy fake devices out and nobody will try to take them. In which case this is simply a cool bank. And if you can’t afford a real Canon DSLR camera, you can probably afford the $23 for this bank and save your money in it for a real camera (better start shoving $10 bills in there instead of quarters though).

(1000 milligrams via dvice)