3-D Pirate Ship Kite

pirate ship kite guy
Take to the airrrr, mateys with this flying pirate ship. The X-Kites 3D Supersize Pirate Ship is a real kite you can fly that looks like a 3 dimensional colorful pirate ship, complete with sails and everything. The kite measures 72″ long, including the tail (the ship part is about 3 feet long) and is made from a durable nylon and a collapsible fiberglass airframe for easy breakdown and transporting.
3d pirate ship kite
In real life it looks better than the product photo they provided above (seriously, what’s up with that picture?). Better yet, check out a video of someone flying the kite below to see how it weaves through the air with ease:

That’s cool, I really like the cut of that kite’s jib. The kite comes with over 150 feet of string and a handle for easy flying. Just take it out on a windy day and thar she blows landlubbers. Definitely a unique head turning kite.