Hocus Poke Us Swords Box Trick Toothpick Holder

Nothing gets party conversation going more than novelty tableware accessories. Also politics. So if you want to have a kick-ass party, you’re going to need some cool items for your hors d’oeuvres, or a radio tuned to NPR. I’ll go with the pigs in a blanket please.

We’ve all the seen the classic lady-in-the-box illusion where she survives without getting poked by the many swords inserted into the box and we’ve all seen cocktail sword toothpicks. Now they are finally combined into one cool party accessory with Hocus Poke Us, death-defying reusable party picks. Includes 25 reusable swords in a handy sliding door storage. An awesome toothpick holder.

And just for fun here the magician pun names that were so bad I couldn’t include them in this post (oh wait… err.. at least there’s a lameness disclaimer now.. you have been warned) David Cocktailfrankerfield, Sieg-fried-eggroll and Soy (sauce), Cris Angel-deviled eggs, Lambs Burton. You were warned.

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