Super Mario Bros. NES Cartridge Canteen

Power up yourself in stealthy geek style with the Super Mario Bros. Canteen. This flask looks like a vintage NES cartridge but actually holds tasty liquids of your choice. Sure, walking down the street drinking out of a game cartridge isn’t exactly the most secretive way of imbibing, but it’s definitely better than guzzling straight from the bottle. Plus it has a reusable straw, because that’s what refined people like you use.

This flask holds 5 ounces of delicious mushroom juice or whatever else Mario drinks (anyone know?). It has a rubber cap to keep you from spilling and fits in nicely to complete the top of the cartridge. Also includes a funnel to help you load up the cartridge without spilling. Wow that’s two ways that this flask is dedicated to keep you from spilling everywhere, I guess that really fits in with the theme of Mario being a plumber. Although Mario really doesn’t do much plumbing though, does he?

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