Beach Sunshade with iPad Holder

The beach is for maximum relaxation, not for being bothered with pesky “work” like having to hold up your iPad or Kindle. Well put your well tanned arms down because this Sunshade with Tablet Holder does the work for you. The adjustable canopy not only blocks the sun’s rays (with 50+ UPF protection) but it also has a strap on the underside to hold your device. And with the shade it provides, there’s no glare so even your eyes can relax.

The days of holding a towel over your head so you can post selfies of your legs in front of the ocean or pool to Facebook or Instagram are over with this sunshade (we’re talking about the towel part- obviously you’re still going to post pictures of your legs because what’s the point if you can’t make your friends jealous of your location?).

This canopy comes with a comfy looking canvas headrest if you just want to lay out on a towel (or directly on the sand if you’re one of those types) but it can also clip onto most chairs and beach loungers. So you can not only use it by the beach but also poolside, in your yard, or on your boat. It folds flat for compact storage and it’s easy to bring down to the sand because it includes a carrying backpack (the whole thing weighs in at a sand hauling friendly 7 pounds). It even includes a pair of sand spikes in case it gets windy. So get out there and get busy relaxing.