Rocking Chair with iPad Stand

rocking chair ipad
Just like Mommy is attached to her iPhone, baby needs her iPad. With the CTA Digital iRocking Play Seat your kid is comfortable and secure and able to safely become the next Steve Jobs (or at least be entertained for a little bit while you clean up). This rocking seat has an adjustable stand to hold the iPad with a touchscreen cover to protect against yucky toddler fingers. The stand can be angled 3 ways and rotates 360 degrees for either portrait or landscape viewing.
rocking seat ipad
There’s also an included dishwasher safe feeding tray which you can swap out with the iPad holder when it’s time to eat. The backrest is adjustable and there’s a 3 point safety harness to hold infants in place. You can also steady the base if all that rocking is driving you crazy. Remember, a busy baby is a happy baby and a happy baby makes a happy parent.


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