Bubble Dome Tents

Sleep in a bubble this Summer with a inflatable Bubble Tent. Just inflate the dome tent with the included blower and enter the dome of awesomeness. Like baking soda, it has 1001 uses. Set it up on the beach, in your yard, camping, festivals, picnics, and anywhere else outdoors. Gives you the ability to see all around you and yet be protected from the elements- no more wind, bugs, blowing sand, rain, bird poop, noise, smells. Unlike baking soda, it won’t make a volcano when you mix it with vinegar, but you could bring baking soda into the dome and then you have a total of 2002 uses between the 2.

It’s like living in a snow globe (and you could set it up in the Winter too, which is probably really cool when it snows, like a reverse snow globe). Comes in a few different sizes with room for a table or sleeping bag or bedding and has an entrance tube with a door for easy access. Imagine camping out in this tent and looking up and seeing all the stars. It’s like living in the transparent future space pod we all dreamed of.