Camping Chair with iPad Holder

ipad camping chair in use
Even in the great outdoors you need to be connected. With this Tablet Lawn Chair you’ll have a place to rest your butt and your iPad (or other tablet). This portable lawn chair has a flexible steel gooseneck arm to position your iPad where you can see it. Great for sporting events, backyards, and camping.
ipad camping chair
You could even use it as a sort of de facto tripod if you’re one of those people who use their iPad as a camera or video camera. Also you’re weird. Under the armrest is a flap with a waterproof inner pouch and a pair of mesh outer pockets for accessories, so you can quickly stash your electronics when it inevitably rains on your parade (watching). There’s a cupholder as well. Of course it folds up and has an included storage bag so it’s easy to take with you. Holds up to 250lbs and weighs just 7 lbs.