iStrike Stylus is a Perfect Match for your iPad

Looking for a unique stylus for your iPad? Well we’ve found the perfect “match” for you, it’s the iStrike Stylus, a giant matchstick looking stylus that works on any capacitive touchscreen device. You can also hold it and pretend you shrunk down to Smurf size- a feature the manufactured somehow must have overlooked in their product description because I don’t see it mentioned.

Don’t get “burned” by inferior styli (I love that plural word, btw- styli) that look like pens or (gasp!) plain rods. And don’t try to use a real match on your iPad because it simply doesn’t work as either a match or a stylus- trust us, we tried once. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until September to get this. Bookmark us and come back. Kthxbai.

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