VW Bus Keychain Slips into a Mini Garage

camper van keychain
This is one really fun way to keep your keys safe. It’s a VW bus keychain. But that’s not the big deal. What makes the VW Bus Keychain cool is the miniature wall-mounted garage that it comes with. The tiny camper van fits perfectly into it.
vw bus keychain in garage
You’ll always have a place to “park” your keys. Designed by Andre Rumann, this tiny Volkswagen is a collectable 1:87 scale replica of that classic hippie mobile. A great gift for surfers, hippies, car lovers, and VW enthusiasts.
vw bus keychain
Personally I think the garage is begging for a “flower power” style paint job but you could easily do that on your own. Comes in a gift box and includes fittings to hang the garage on your wall.

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