Power Mac Bench

power mac bench
Got a pair of outdated Power Mac G5’s lying around and some talent in woodworking? Why not combine the two and make this sleek bench? That’s what Projekt Galerie did and the result is actually pretty stunning. The wood bench top was carved into a bow shape at the edges to fit seamlessly onto the top of the old computer chassis (yes that is the plural form of the word, spelled the same but pronounced differently- I just looked it up, grammar cops):
bench mac
I’d sit that. Why Apple built this desktop with two large handles like you’d be toting it around from room to room is a mystery we’ll never know. BUT, it allows that plank of wood to seat itself perfectly in between and look almost as if it was meant to be. Maybe it was. But why stop at just a bench?
power mac office furniture
In the rendering above they’ve envisioned an entire office made of Power Macs. That’s probably a little overboard even for this Apple fanboy but if you have access to this many excess desktops then why not go for it? Are Power Macs the new pallets? High end upcycling. (via gizmodo)