Juicy Couture Heart Keychain USB Flash Drives

Fashion Week is coming soon and it’s time the designers got into the USB Flash Drive game. This Juicy Couture broken heart keychain USB flash drive has a “choose juicy” message on it. The heart opens up to reveal the hidden drive. Juicy has thoughtfully put it on a keychain so you won’t lose it. The drive holds 1 GB of data for the very couture price of $65 (which probably doesn’t sound like a lot if you’re the type that just spent $100 for a pair of sweatpants that say Juicy on your rear).

bloomingdale’s via geeksugar

10 thoughts on “Juicy Couture Heart Keychain USB Flash Drives

  1. Hey thats the greatest idea since stilettos!!!!! Can I buy 1???????? How Much?????????

  2. i want one sooooooooooooooo bad how do i get it ??????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. $65.00 is a lot for a flashdrive that is only 1 gig and normally would only sell for probably $10.00 but I had to have it so thank god there is the wonderful world of ebay and I won at the reasonalble price of only $15.00. I am a juict addict but also a juicy bargain hunter if I was rich maybe I wouldn’t care about the $65.00 price but since i ain’t and I want my couture I go to ebay,marshall’s,T.j maxx ect.

  4. I only have a purse and a bracelet. Can Juicy convince my mom to buy ME more stuff like this?!?! It would be a hard sell.

  5. i have it to!!!! i would totally convince your mom to let you have one cause they are amazing <3 <3

  6. OMG. I need this, like, now!
    I wish I could afford more juicy. I only have a purse that was on sale. ):

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