DIY Garage Ceiling Storage

If your garage is like mine, you have way more stuff than can possibly fit without getting another garage just for the car or a phone call from the producers of Hoarders. You also probably have a small army of raccoons living in the back. Well make way for mama(‘s stuff) because in just 3 easy steps you can build your own sliding ceiling storage in the wasted space above your garage door.

Hey, you know what, that sounds like a CRAZIEST GADGETS SOLUTION…logo time!

Here’s how you can build this yourself. Not a step: Buy the materials. (being prepared is not a step. it’s a necessity). And now the 3 easy steps:

1. cut the wood beams to size.
2. mount the wood beams to the ceiling.
3. slide in your plastic storage bins.

It’s just that easy. You can even label them up (additional optional step, doesn’t count towards the 3).

The Family Handyman shows how to do it in 7 steps but they like to have you do such unimportant steps as “measuring” and “stud-finding” and “drilling”. Just make sure that nobody tries to open the garage door while you’re doing this (safety!).

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