Giant Sized Jenga

giant jenga
Get your giant sized Jenga on with the Towering Toppling Timbers Game. This takes it to a whole new (much larger) level. Each piece is 3 times larger than a standard Jenga game and the tower stands over 2 feet high at the start of the game. As you carefully remove pieces and place them on top it can grow to over 4 feet tall if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. Great for indoor or outdoor use.
giant jenga bag
The 54 solid wood blocks all fit inside a large canvas shoulder bag for easy portability. It is 38 pounds so it’s like the weight of a large toddler but more durable and with less crying. Everything’s more fun when it’s bigger (that’s what she said) and this game is no exception. Great for picnics, lawn games, camping trips, rain day fun, and sunny days in the yard. Cloudy days too, why not? Good stuff.