Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Sets

This brand new game from Rovio is hitting it out of the park on all points- it’s got Angry Birds, it’s got Star Wars, it’s got Jenga. If this thing could cook dinner, I’d marry it. The game comes in three different versions: Death Star Game, Hoth Battle Game, and Tatooine Battle Game. Each game comes with Star Wars figures appropriate to that scene (ie Tatooine has a little Jabba the Hut) as well as a bird launcher based on a ship (X-Wing Fighter for the Death Star game).

The gameplay in these is not exactly like Jenga, since you will want to knock it down. Still fun though. The Death Star set is the biggest and comes with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca birds that can be launched for a squawk attack on the pork side’s Darth Vader and 4 Stormtrooper pigs! Sweetness.