Easily and Safely Remove Ticks with the Tick Twister

tick twister
Bug! Don’t need it. Bug. Don’t feed it. Is there anything more annoying and potentially painful and disease spreading than a tick bite? If you walk in the woods, it’s almost inevitable that one will get you eventually. Once those little buggers latch onto you or your pet, they’re really tricky to get off safely. With the Tick Twister Pro you can quickly remove the entire tick including the head (which burrows into your skin) without squeezing the bug’s abdomen to reduce the risk of catching an infection like Lyme Disease. To use just slide the tool over the tick, twist, and when you feel the bug release it’s mouth pull it up and out. Down with disease, just twist around:
tick twister in use
Using tweezers can squeeze the infectious fluids from the tick’s body into your body, or leave you with the body removed but the head still attached to your skin. That’s bad! Leave those tweezers in the freezer, my friend my friend. The Tick Twister even has a hole to mount on any key ring. Good for removing ticks from dogs, cats, horses, and even humans.