Two Different Ways to Take Your Dog With You

Exercising is healthy for both you and your dog (one of the three keys to a well balanced dog: exercise, discipline and affection). Depending on your dog, you might run into one of two problems when you take your dog out for an extended walk: either the dog can’t keep up with you, or you can’t keep up with the dog. Here’s some solutions.

If your dog is too small and gets too tired when you go on long walks, perhaps you need the pooch fanny pack. Look at that dog’s face.. he’s loving it! Obviously you’re not going to put a Great Dane in this thing but if your small dog can’t keep up, it’s not bad:

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a dog that is too active for your walks. No matter how far you walk, the dog is still full of energy and wants to walk more. To tire your pup out you might want to take it for a walk while you ride your bike but just riding while holding the leash can be dangerous for both you and your dog. A distracted dog can get caught up in the bicycle or pull you off the bike. The Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash wants to make it safer and easier for you to ride with your dog.

The Walky Dog attaches to the seat post of your bike. It detaches quickly and easily to become a leash. When your dog is hooked in, he will be safely away from side of the bike and will remain in position without being able to cross in front or behind the bicycle.

The Walky Dog makes it easier to change directions while riding with your dog and you can even mount one on each side of your bike and ride with two dogs at once. Since it attaches to the seat there is a lowered center of gravity and it’s almost impossible for the dog to pull the bike over and knock you off. A great pet gadget to improve both your dog’s and your own health.

14 thoughts on “Two Different Ways to Take Your Dog With You

  1. I use the walkydog with a harness. It works just fine. There are springs inside the tube, so there is some give. My dog is 21 lbs so he cannot run away at squirrels or cats, all I have to do is tell him to leave it and speed up a little. He has to put his mind forward where his body is going. He hasn’t been able to pull me over. I’m able to stop and put my feet on the ground in an instant. Also, he is always between me and the sidewalk – we have very wide bike lanes in our neighborhood. The photo of the dalmation is scary, but I think it’s a stuffed toy. It seems any equipment can be poorly used without much thought put into it. There are a lot of videos of safe usage of this device.

    My dog loves it!

  2. those are cool stuff ha. dogs love it, ha. how do you know, you never been tied from a bicycle or carried in a bag. STUPID PEOPLE. stop doing this, IDIOTS.

  3. Hello There,

    To the people who think the walky dog is animal abuse waiting to happen shake
    your head. I purchased one of these about 3 weeks ago and my dog loves it.
    He is a 30lb Minature Pincher/besenji cross who is very active, he loves exercise I put on his harnessand attached him to the walky dog and he is ready to go. He
    runs along my bike just fine and enjoys it.
    I use a harness because its safer for your dog with more control. If you have to stop real fast it pulls on the dogs body not their necks)
    My dog stays safely away form my bike and turns with me no problem. He keeps up just fine. Its safe to use, prevents your dog from running away. Another good thing is the quick release of the bar, if for some reason you fall you can detached the walky dog fairly quickly
    Even before I go I ask him if he wants to go for a bike ride and he gets all excited and raring to go.
    Now to the person who thinks this is abuse well, I travel at a comfortable speed with my dog around 15 km’s/hour or less. and my dog does
    just fine and keeps up. I don’t drag him along the cement!!!!! When hes gets tired i slow down or stop for him to rest and get a drink. He takes a break and starts running again. Unless the owner is a complete cruel moron I can’t see a person riding superfast
    draging their dog down the street…
    I can only see dog lovers buy this gadget to exercise their dog.. If your smart, and travel at a decent speed and take occasional breaks for your dog
    to rest and drink water your dog will be fine. Just becareful on really hot days, cause your dog could get heat stroke.. Take extra breaks and provide
    plenty of water and try to ride in shaddy areas..
    any questions email me

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