Turn Your iPhone into a Game Boy with G-Pad

The idea is quite simple (all the best ones are, right?)- add a silicone sleeve to turn your iPhone into a Game Boy-like device. The G-Pad does just that, giving you physical controls just like the og handheld distraction. The sleeve is designed to work with a specific Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS that puts the controls on the bottom of the screen. The G-Pad slides right over the onscreen controls, replacing them with a button overlay.
gpad off
Everyone knows that all the best games were released back in the day anyway- Tetris, Donkey Kong, Mario, etc. Well at least the best for mobile phone gaming anyway- the simpler the better. That’s why games like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are so popular- simplicity. Also people like birds I guess. Anywho, neat product that takes something new and brings it back to the good old days without losing today’s needed functionality (like Facebook and Candy Crush). (via coolest gadgets)