Toaster Buddies Improve the Toaster

toaster buddy
Ah the classic two slot toaster. The design has remained relatively unchanged for generations and for good reason- it’s simple and it works. Except for one little thing- when you remove your food out of the toaster it can be hot! That’s good, of course you want your food hot but you don’t want to scald your fingers trying to remove your food. Toaster Buddies solves that problem by adding a removable basket to your toaster. Just put your bread, pop-tart, waffle, bagel, or whatever into the Toaster Buddie and slip it into your toaster.
toaster buddies in use
The easy grip handle makes it simple to remove your food and transfer it to your plate without your fingers getting burnt. Put smaller items into your toaster and take them out with ease. Do you use tongs to remove food from your toaster? Not anymore. Made of stainless steel and comes in a set of two. Fits most toasters.