Bluetooth Enabled Kitchen Thermometer

idevices kitchen thermometer
Take your connected kitchen into the future with iDevices new Kitchen Thermometer. This bluetooth enabled cooking thermometer connects to an app on your phone to give you precise temperatures of your food no matter where you are in the house. The thermometer has dual probes so you can track different parts of your meat (say a turkey breast and thigh) or multiple items cooking in your oven.
kitchen thermometer
Like traditional meat thermometers, this one has a magnetic backing to stick to your oven and a temperature alarm (conveniently sent to your phone). The bluetooth connectivity works to about 150 feet away from the device. So go ahead and put that meal in the oven and go join your company in the living room without having to check on your food every few minutes.

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth Enabled Kitchen Thermometer

  1. Something like this would save having to open the oven door every 10 minutes, which would probably help things cook better in the long run, too. Love the portability of it!

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