DoneRight Kitchen Timer is 5 Timers in One

The DoneRight Kitchen Timer might just be a cook’s new best friend. It looks like a tiny oven and has 5 timers in it’s little 3.75″ x 4.5″ x 3.25″ frame. You can set each timer to correspond with one of your 4 stovetop burners and the oven. The DoneRight makes it easy to keep track of the cooking times for multiple dishes at once. Each easy to use timer has just three buttons: a start/stop button, a +1 minute button, and a +5 minute button.

When one of the timers reaches zero, the DoneRight will start flashing a light on the corresponding timer and sound an alarm to alert you. It’s super easy to set the timers or add extra cooking time- just press the +5 or +1 minute buttons. This $24.95 timer comes in either red or silver and is available from Vat19 below: