Tokyoflash’s Latest Watch has a Breathalyzer Built In

How drunk are you exactly? Find out with Tokyoflash’s newest watch, Kisai Intoxicated. To test your BAC (blood alcohol content), open the cap on the side and blow. The display meter on the right tells you your BAC. The left display has the time (you know, in case that’s something you also wanted in a watch, lol). Time for another beer?

If you’re still not sure about your sobriety level, there’s even a simple moving line video game on the watch you can play. It’s also a gauge of your boredom level at times too. The handsome watch also has the date, an alarm and a color changing LED display. Obviously you shouldn’t make any driving decisions based on the watch’s results, but for a general idea of how wasted you are and a fun party trick, it’s great.