Tibida Watch Tells the Time in Binary

tibida watch
TokyoFlash has come up with yet another really cool and unique watch- Tibida. This watch can tell time in one of three different manners- one of which is binary!

The watch has a very clean minimalist style with a 42 white LEDs on a black background on either a stainless or black frame with a simple black band. The three modes for telling time are hour-centric, minute-centric and binary.

If you set the watch to hour-centric, the top smaller display will show a dot for every five minutes while the larger bottom display will display the hour in digits. This is useful if you just need a general idea of the time since the closest you can get to the actual time is 5 minute increments. Minute-centric mode is the exact opposite- the top shows one lit LED for each hour while the bottom shows the minutes in digits (so in the watch above it would be 10:29).

And last but certainly most nerdy is binary mode! Binary is presented on the upper display only. The top line of six LEDs indicating the hour, the second line indicating minutes. To read the time in binary, refer to diagram below.
tibida binarydiagram
Binary is read from the right, the first lit LED representing the number 1. This is then doubled; 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32, a combination of these numbers representing the time in hours and minutes. Very nerdy cool.

You can buy the Tibida watch here.

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