Donut Camera Probably Takes Sweet Shots

doghnut camera Donut Camera Probably Takes Sweet ShotsEveryone knows doughnuts are a tasty fried treat, especially my friend Homer S. But did you know they can also take photos? The soft plastic camera features a 3 mega pixel sensor and a variety of shooting mode effects (like sepia tones) to cover up the fact that it only has a 3mp sensor. Of course you can’t hide the fact that it looks like a freakin’ donut:
donut camera Donut Camera Probably Takes Sweet ShotsThat was the front, obvs. The viewfinder is right there in the hole. It shoots video too. But clearly nobody is buying this for the specs, especially since I don’t see specs like “roundness”, “deliciousness”, “number of sprinkles”, or “colories” listed. You can get it here for $67 (ouch). (via rocketnews)

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