Mouse with a Camera Underneath

camera mouse
Sometimes when you’re sitting at your computer you need to snap a quick picture of something (“pics or it didn’t happen”) without all the hassle of getting your camera out or using your phone and then emailing it to yourself. With the Genius Cam Mouse, you get a camera that’s right there when you need it- in your mouse. Underneath this 1200 dpi BlueEye sensor USB mouse is a 2.0MP 720p HD resolution camera. A button on the side works as the shutter control to snap pics:
camera mouse bottom
A sliding lens cover protects the camera lens while you use it as a mouse. Sure at that resolution you’re not taking DSLR quality shots but if you just need a quick pic of something or to scan a QR code into your computer, there’s no quicker way than having a camera built right into your already hooked up mouse.