A Camera “Lens” that Vacuums Dust Off the Sensor

vacuum lens cleaner
Keeping your camera’s lens and sensor clear of dust is an important part of taking good pictures. A well placed spec of dust can ruin a shot faster than your buddy’s weak attempt at photobombing your shot. So this accessory from Japanese company Fujin takes a new approach to removing dust by vacuuming it out. It looks like a lens and attaches to your DSLR or SLR through a standard Canon lens mount but flick the little button on the side and it starts sucking out the dust.
vacuum lens
You can see it in action in this video below (note that the voiceover commentary is in Japanese):

It appears to have a dust filter to capture any debris. For such a small size accessory, it’s probably more of a tiny fan than a vacuum cleaner (although a vacuum cleaner is technically a fan of sorts maybe?) and comments over on Canonwatch say that it could potentially damage any waterproof sealing on a camera. It’s effectiveness remains a mystery perhaps but the idea of cleaning off your sensor without touching it is definitely a strong one.