Pull Down Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtains

Get a “clean” look in your bathroom with a pull-down shower curtain. You roll the curtain up out of the way when not in use. This ceiling mounted shower curtain functions just like a roll-up curtain with a drawstring loop to open and close the curtain.

These shower curtains are made by Germany based Eco Dur in a wide variety of styles and colors. The shower curtain appears to be “flatter” than a typical one, perhaps because of the way it’s mounted or the material. It has the look of a glass door but the ability to slide up and out of the way to show off your tilework and to be used around a corner.

Unfortunately for my non-German friends I can’t find this for sale anywhere in the United States or even another brand or style or any sort of suitable substitute. You could of course DIY this somehow with a modified standard curtain roller shade but that seems like an iffy project. To make up for that here’s some sexy (SFW?? stop scrolling if you’re unsure!) shower modeling: