Severed Hand iPhone Case is Hands Down the Handiest Case Ever

We have to admit here, we tried not to use a “hands” pun in the post title but our hand was forced. This is probably the weirdest and creepiest iPhone case ever. It’s basically a rubbery hand glued to a regular case. So if you use your phone, you can hold it’s hand:

Probably not what Hootie and the Blowfish had in mind when they wrote that song that you now have in your head the rest of the day. The case is ready to lend you a hand if you need it to hold a few items on your desk:

Let’s just hope you don’t get a call, or if you do you can grab those two items and take very small notes. You can get your hands on this bizarre iPhone case in your choice of kid’s hand or ladies’ hand from Strapya (what, no men’s hand?) for $65. Yep $65. Yes it’s a Japanese import but uhm $65? I’ve got to hand it to the salesman who can sell it at that price.